From the fields of Waterloo to the deserts of Sudan, from the Plains of Abraham to the mountains of Dargai, from the trenches of Flanders to the jungles of Burma—the Highlander has made his mark. But how was it that an 18th century outlaw and rebel should become transformed into an international hero?

Tim Newark meets Donald Trump in Trump Tower, New York. They share Highland roots. Trump says of Tim’s Highlander: ‘Great book—this is where I got my fighting spirit!’

‘Highlander’ (Constable) is the first book to tell the complete story of how the Highlander rose from humble roots in the mountains of Scotland to become a dynamic figure of universal appeal. It tells the story through the words of the soldiers themselves, from their diaries, letters and journals—uncovered from the archives of Highland regiments in Scotland and around the world. Sometimes the stories reveal shocking truths long buried.

Scandal in the Desert:
In an unpublished soldier’s letter lays a very personal account of a campaign in the desert of North Africa. Highlander reveals how the lives of Black Watch Highlanders were sacrificed in battle as a punishment for their perceived disobedience. For the first time, this military crime is exposed.

Highlanders Betrayed:
Private documents uncovered at the National Archives reveal an early government threat to the Highland regiments. Highlander shines a light on secret plans to end the Black Watch and their comrades.

Highlanders Abused:
Hidden in a soldier’s private diary is the horrifying tale of their abuse by Muslim captors. Highlander reveals for the first time the terrible fate that awaited a Highland regiment captured in India two centuries ago.

Above all, this is not just a Scots story—but a world story. English, Irish, Welsh, Canadians, Australians, South Africans, and Americans have all served as Highlanders.